Team Walmer Castle the best League of Legends team there is

Hi Guys! Welcome to my/our website! We all grew up around Walmer castle so when we decided to create our League of Legends Team we knew that would be our name because its the one thing we have in common.

Think I will write my first post about my favourite League of Legends players...and a bit about them.....

Warwick - the blood hound

Ahhh warwick the blood hound, my dear friend. This guy is super good at ganking, well...once hes got his ultimate that is. He can just jump out of the forest and stun you for 1.8 seconds then bang you're dead! :-( so FRUSTRATING. I've lost count of the times my girl friend has heard me shouting "ahhhhh no not fu**ing Warwick AGAIN!" Ha she must be used to it by now, its been going on for months. There is a quick way out of that though, buy the quick silver sash then when you get ganked or you're in a the middle of a team fight you can just press the number one key and instantly breakout of his stun. Chances are by the time you managed to press it he will still of got a fair few of those ulimate hits in but at least you can dash and heal then just run of down the lane to the saftey of your teams mates crying haha.

Ashe counter has a good guide on how to counter Warwick.

warwick counter How to counter warwick guys. Good Read.

ALL FOR ASHE COUNTER! we must destroy ashe and write many many guides about how to counter ashe or she'll (ashe) will take over the world! Counter ashe NOW!.

I have to admit I do quite like the Warwick lore, some of the other league of legends characters lores are well..just a bit gay to be honest ha. Here is Warwicks...

Warwick was once a man revered for his ability to track down human specimens for the darkest types of scientific research. When his ambitions exceeded his physical limits, he drank a dangerous elixir to transform himself into an unstoppable manhunter. His newfound strength bore a heavy price.

So he's like a super wolf hounty hunter mutant. Cool hey!

Graves - the cigar smoking ass kicking outlaw

OK. I just had to mention this dude. Ok they nerfed his cigar in S6 but cmon he's still super cool, I don't know why everyone doesn't play with this guy just for the cool factor buzz you get. I'll share a little secret with you guys, graves has a lot of damage on his Q ability new destiny...but....he dbounces of objects such as towers...and when it bounces back it does true damage cutting right through all the enemies armour. I like to use tis little trick as follows... wait till the enemy player is standing in front of his tower on half health or below and use your dash which will buff your amomour for when you take the tower hit in a sec then Q new destiny at him/her it will hit and bounce then a couple of auto shots and they're normally dead! Job done :-)

Lucian - err cool lazer dude

Every computer game or film isn't complete without some cool black dude running around kicknig ass. In Leage of legends this is Lucian. He like a marksman lazer dude. Like all marksmen he's very fragile and has little health and health regeneration but he's got a cool Q can't remember ehat the ability is called but it will basically fire out a lazer and quite a high damage lazer at that, that will cut through everything. So I like to fire it an minions that have an enemry player behind them. Easy hit! For the love og god counter ashe with a decent ashe counter and warwick counter too while you;re at it!

You gota counter warwick with a real warwick counter!